Fees & Policies

Fees are determined by the number and class level. Cal Poly Extended Education fees remain comparable to, if not lower than, other CSU campuses.

Academic Standing

Per Unit Fee





Late Enrollment Fee Per Class: $25

*Fees effective spring term 2021

Fee Deadline

Fees will be due seven days after they are posted and can be viewed on the "Money Matters" tab of your Cal Poly portal.

If fees are not paid by the due date, enrollment may be subject to cancellation. In addition, a registration hold will be placed that will prevent students from enrolling in or swapping classes until the balance is paid. If enrollment is cancelled due to non-payment, a $50 administrative fee will be charged to re-enroll.

Financial Aid

Open University fees are not eligible for fee waivers or financial aid.

Miscellaneous Course Fee

Some Cal Poly courses have a miscellaneous fee for services, materials, or facilities. Miscellaneous course fees will be posted to your student account and can be viewed on the "Money Matters" tab of your Cal Poly portal.

Courses held at the Recreation Center require payment of membership in order to access the center. Fees must be paid at the Recreation Center.

Fees are subject to change without notice.


Pursuant to the CSU Executive Order 1099, Open University allows non-matriculated individuals to enroll in state-supported course offerings on a space-available basis after matriculated Cal Poly students have selected their classes. At that point, Open University may offer any remaining space to community members (non-matriculated individuals). An instructor must grant permission for you to enroll in the class. Permission is at the instructor's discretion and department chair/head and is contingent upon space availability, as well as other criteria established by the instructor, department, or college. Matriculated Cal Poly students may not enroll in Open University.

Extended Education reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine courses; to alter and discontinue curricula; and to change instructors.

The following policies are for Open University students only. All adds/drops for matriculated Cal Poly students are done through the Office of the Registrar. Their office can be reached at records@calpoly.edu.


To drop a course, send a written email to Extended Education (extended@calpoly.edu) on or before the end of the last day of registration. This will remove the class from your record.


To withdraw from a course after the last day of registration, you must submit a Withdraw from Open University (Powerform) on our Forms page that includes the instructor's signature. The class will remain on your student record with a grade of “W.”


The deadline to receive a full reversal of fees correlates to the "Add/Drop" date. Please see the Deadlines & Important Dates page for current refund deadlines. Please note: If fees were paid by credit card, the 2.75% convenience fee will not be refunded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are responsible for all charges posted.
If a withdrawal request is approved, you may still owe outstanding fees, subject to the table above.

A drop by the add-drop date has no negative impact on your academic record. Reference http://www.catalog.calpoly.edu/academicstandardsandpolicies/grading/#withdrawalsrenewal for information on how a class withdrawal may impact your academic records.

All withdrawal requests must be submitted electronically. Visit the Forms page to complete a Withdraw for an Open University (Powerform).


No enrollment entry will be retained for the course on your academic records if the Withdraw from Open University Course (Powerform) is submitted to Extended Education by the "Add/Drop" date. If you submit an approved Petition to Withdraw before the end of the 7th week of instruction for a serious and compelling reason, you will receive a "W" (Withdrawal) as a final grade. If you submit an approved Petition to Withdraw before the last day of instruction for an emergency reason, you will receive a "W" (Withdrawal) as a final grade. Failure to submit a Petition to Withdraw may result in a “WU” (Withdrawal Unauthorized) which is equivalent to a failing grade. Please see the Deadlines & Important Dates page for current withdrawal deadlines.

It should be emphasized that poor grades, general inability to pay, irregular attendance, or dissatisfaction with the course are not in themselves sufficient reasons for withdrawal approval.

Visit the Forms page to complete a Withdraw from Open University Course (Powerform).

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education's Program Integrity Rule, each institution of higher education is required to provide all prospective and current students with the contact information for the state agency or agencies that handle complaints against postsecondary education institutions offering distance learning within that state. Students are encouraged to utilize California State University's internal complaint or review policies and procedures prior to filing a complaint with a state agency. Should the student wish to file a complaint in their home state please select the state contact from the "Consumer Protection State Contacts" list to file a complaint directly in their state.


Contact our office at openuniversity@calpoly.edu.