Instructor Information

Open University allows non-matriculated individuals to enroll in state-supported course offerings on a space-available basis after matriculated Cal Poly students have selected their classes. The instructor must sign the Open University form indicating permission to enroll in a course.

Who takes Open University Classes?

Students taking classes through Open University come from a variety of backgrounds, including the following:

  • High School students
  • International Students studying through the VISIT program
  • Students from other universities or community colleges
  • Community members who have an interest in a subject area
  • Former Cal Poly students needing to complete their degree
  • Alumni
  • People working on prerequisites to graduate programs

No matter what the reason, they all appreciate your willingness to include them in your class.

Open University Enrollment Form

By signing the Open University Enrollment Form, the instructor

Has authorized Extended Education to enroll the student in the class

Has verified or decided to waive course prerequisites

Has determined there is sufficient space in the class after matriculated students have enrolled

Some instructors wait to sign the form until the first day of class to see if there is space, but the instructor may sign it in advance if they believe there will be space.


Open University students will be in the same Canvas course and class email list as your other students.


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